Methodological Research on Effective Improvement of Physical Quality of Intellectuals in Institutions of Higher Learning

  •  Qiang Zhao    


This article applied document literature method, questionnaire survey method, interview method, logical analysis method and mathematical statistics method to make an in-depth research on the physical quality of intellectuals in institutions of higher learning. According to the research, this group of people presents a continuous downtrend in terms of their physical quality. The concept of physical quality is more extensive than the concept of physical agility, since physical agility is a component of physical quality. Planned physical agility exercise can effectively enhance the level of physical quality. To bring the core strength exercise in physical agility training to exercise means of intellectuals in institutions of higher learning is not only a span in the thinking way, but also is more effective than the traditional exercise means. Then, the article listed exercise means for the core strength of this group of people. It is suggested that intellectuals pay attention to their physical quality and health in terms of their thinking, come to understand the importance and necessity of core strength exercise and improve their physical quality in a most effective means.

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