An Empirical Analysis of Influential Factors in International Tourism Income in Sichuan Province

  •  Qizhi Yang    
  •  Feng Ye    
  •  Fuhui Yan    


Sichuan Province is abundant in tourism resources, a big tourism province. Its tourism income occupies a relatively great rate in the total output value of local area. However, an analysis of the tourism income structure of Sichuan Province, it is found that whether in terms of the total output or the proportion it occupies, the international tourism income lags behind domestic tourism income. In the meanwhile, whether compared with such cosmopolis as Beijing and Shanghai or compared with Jiangsu and Shandong, the international tourism income of Sichuan Province occupies a small rate, which is out of line with the status of big tourism province of Sichuan Province. However, as a primary means for foreign exchange earning in Sichuan Province, the international tourism income has a significance that can not be ignored. Thus, it is necessary to analyze the influential factors that affect the international tourism income of Sichuan Province, take relevant measures to improve the international tourism condition in Sichuan Province, improve the international tourism income and make greater contributions to economic development of foreign exchange earning in Sichuan Province.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.