The Research on Evaluation of College Students’ Ability to Achieve the Physical Exercising Habit and Volition

  •  Xiaodong Chu    
  •  Jianxin Kuang    
  •  Jun Liu    


With the development of modern society, the competition in all fields is becoming increasingly intensified. Therefore, people must be strong in volition if they want to stand out in such a competitive society. Especially for college students, they should form strong volition with the help of school education, or it will be difficult for them to make a career in the future.

The research on college students’ ability to develop the physical exercising habit and volition is vital to the physical education of college students. This paper researches on the feasibility of developing college students’ ability to form volition by developing their physical exercising habit through school education, and analyses the influence factors of the formation of volition, hoping to give some theoretical references to the evaluation system of the ability to develop the physical exercising habit and volition.

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