The Cognition of Destructive Cults of College Students and Its Influential Factors

  •  Bin Li    
  •  Baoxiang Fan    
  •  Han Ji    


The cognition of destructive cults among students and its influential factors are explored in this paper by means of a survey of 500 college students. Objective: Our goal is to explore the cognition of destructive cult and its influential factors, especially the role of self-esteem and security. Methods: A total of 500 college adult students were enrolled and measured on a series of questionnaires. Results: 92.47% of college students think that mind control is the essence of the cult, 89.25% of college students think it is fabricated, 82.8% of college students choose amass wealth, 62.37% of college students regard it as a secret association. The cognition of the college students varies in different groups. The level of students' self-esteem and security have a certain correlation with their cognition of cults. Discussion: The development of college students’ ability of self-knowledge, resilience and improvement of adaptability are helpful to upgrade their ability of identification and prevention.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.