The Integration of the Pottery Handicraft Together with the Basketwork Handicraft Promoting Economic Community Strength

  •  Panu Pattanapanithipong    


A study of the integration of the pottery handicraft together with the basketwork promoting economic community strength aims to 1) to study the basketwork identity to apply with the pottery handicraft 2) to examine the experimental design and to develop the pottery handicraft product combined with the basketwork in order to beautiful identical according to market qualifications and 3) to evaluate the market testing of the handicraft product developed conduce to the guidelines for producers apply to use. The samples were 400 people who interested in handicraft wherewith purposive sampling at the handicraft shop by used the accidental sampling, inquired for collect the data before as well as after design, evaluated by 3 groups of community product producer as 3 stars level which experience 10 years at least and 3 product design experts in order to evaluate the optimal pattern of product modified, therefrom, created the prototype as well as evaluated the opinion comments of consumer towards product designs. The results revealed that the most wanted of consumer that were the lamp product, basket product and decorated item products, the container rim of the 3rd pattern by weaving method was appropriate for forming pattern which were combined method with easy, strong and stable pattern, easy to fix when being ruined, the product pattern have been tested marketing by consumer found the satisfaction overall was the highest level, furthermore they satisfied in term of beauty than in term of usability.

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