White Champaka: The Pattern Design Dimension to the Applying of the Aromatherapy Seat Cushion

  •  Rosjana Chandhasa    


The objectives of this research is to study the denotation and the culture of the white champaka conduct to the pattern design as well as to evaluate the pattern design result for use with the aromatherapy seat cushion. The research process, the researcher had selected the mixed method research begin by studying and searching the information with qualitative research in carrying out the investigation of the white champaka cultural background and then use a quantitative research to evaluate the pattern design accomplishment that conduct to the seat cushion usability. Scope of research area was the white champaka in Bangkok, samples as 3 experts and 100 consumers, the research used the accidental sampling at the domestic exhibition center, which was shown on Baanlaesuan Event for the purpose of getting satisfaction towards the seat cushion product design. Research instruments as follows, searching for literature review, in depth interview as well as using the questionnaire and the assessment forms.

The investigation of the white champaka cultural background results revealed about the holy culture, Thai herbal incense culture, the emblazonment and the flower arrangement culture. The researcher decided for Thai herbal perfume culture by bringing the dried flowers, the dried herbal compression ball that contain various herb ingredients such as Turmeric, Kiffir Lime, Citronella grass, Menthol, Thao En On, Cassumunar ginger, Salt, Tamarind, and Eucalyptus leaves that were used as the seat cushion component through the aroma therapy concept. The pattern design inspired by the white champaka, the fabric pattern type 1: pattern design with Realistic technique that the top rank by the average at 4.80 with the highest optimal satisfaction utilized as the aroma seat cushion production. The satisfaction assessment from 100 consumers toward the seat cushion product in terms of beauty as well as the composition of pattern and color: their opinion affected in terms of pattern had a high level with appropriateness utilized as the seat cushion product, their opinion affected in terms of function showed the usability of the seat cushion product, the durability, the quality, the suitability in usage and the suitability for the seat cushion product had a high level, the opinion affected in terms of marketing found the product could be an interesting attraction from consumers, The product could be promoted sales by themselves and the appropriateness of cost and size had a medium level which related to the assessment of the consumers and the specialists about the pattern design could conduct to the seat cushion product development as well as production and distribution with standardization and they could be responsible the target group that satisfied with seating therapy as a result the usability when seating likes the herbal massage, furthermore the aroma therapy could be also decreased stress in terms of marketing that found from consumers. 

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