Analyzing the Teaching and Learning of Mathematical Reasoning Skills in Secondary School

  •  E. Napitupulu    


The paper reports part of a study aimed at developing teaching materials in inculcating upper secondary students’ mathematical reasoning skills (MRS). To develop the materials, the researcher implemented the Four-D Model. The study took subjects from five public schools in Province of North Sumatera, Indonesia. The researcher designed and developed students’ work sheet (SWS) and instrument to measure MRS. Along the teaching ran, which applied problem-based learning model, the researcher observed teachers’ and students’ activities while nurturing and applying MRS in the frame of solving mathematical problems. Of the four indicators laid to measure the MRS, students lack most in use of pattern relationship to analyse situation, to make analogy, or to generalize. The ways support student’s progress in achieving MRS are if (i) the problem faced is much mimicked the task solved in the classroom, (ii) more various problems given to solve under guidance, and (iii) intensive scaffolding is given.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.