Evaluation of Principal Role on Building Teachers’ Competence in Man Kendari, Southest Sulawesi, Indonesia

  •  M. Zulkifli    


This study aims at analyzing the evaluation of principal’s role in training teachers’ competence in MAN 1 Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi Kendari. Subjects in this study are principals and teachers of MAN I Kendari. The research used descriptive method with qualitative approach. All the data collected by observation, interview and documentation and analyzed by data collection, data reduction, data presentation and conclusion. The result showed that the evaluation of principal role in building teachers’ competence run well. In addition, the principal role as a leader trained the cooperation among administrators in the school, teachers and students’ parents relates to students’ education whether in the school or out of the school and socialization activities done by the teachers through teachers’ group working (Kelompok Kerja Guru / KKG) to improve teachers’ competence. As educator, the principal attempted to train the pedagogic competence and professional in terms of facilitating teachers to actively participate in KKG in order to improve teachers’ ability in classroom management. In addition, as the supervisor, the principal trained teachers’ pedagogic and personal in the classroom supervision activities, conducting meeting relates to the outcome of learning and instruction, arranging its scenario and the interaction process among teacher and students in the classroom.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.