Latin American Immigrants' Adaptation Experiences in Korea: Cases of Migrant Workers with Professions in Culture and Entertainment Sectors

  •  Jinsook Choi    


This paper explores the cultural adjustment experiences of Latin American migrating professionals in Korea. Two areas of studies on immigration are adopted to conceptualize the experiences of Latin American migrating professionals in Korea: transnationalism and racial reconstruction. I used qualitative interviews to examine Latin American migrating professionals' adjustment experiences in Korea. Latin American migrating professionals' experiences involving immigration to Korea are characterized by relatively short-term sojourns, isolation, and racial visibility in Korea. The result suggests that they use adaptation strategies to overcome isolation and to achieve the reformation of racial identity. This study will contribute to (1) theorizing transnationalism and the racial reconstruction of Latin American migrant workers, and (2) our understanding of Korean society’s readiness to receive immigrants, through examining Latin American migrating professionals’ experiences with Korean society and culture. 

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.