An Analysis of Kuwait Economy 1995-2015

  •  Munir Hassan    
  •  Anwar Al Shriaan    
  •  Abdullah k Al-Mutairi    


The main objective of the paper is to examine the performance of the Kuwait economy internally and externally for the period, 1995-2015. The paper is presented in five sections. In the first section, a short profile of Kuwait is given in terms of its historical and demographic characteristics. A concise Review of Literature is given in Section 2. The third section is devoted to the macro and micro variables performance for the Kuwait economy. International trade is the focus for the fourth section with emphasis on export and import growth and index of openness. In trying to assess the external trade of the Kuwait economy, an attempt is made to present and analyze t Revealed Comparative Advantage for selected years and selected commodities. The choice of the years and commodities is dictated by availability of data.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.