The First Lady and the National Image: Focusing on the Media Report from China and South Korea about the First Lady of China and North Korea

  •  Yong-kyung Kim    


The formation of the national image is a part of the public diplomacy which presents the nation's overall power and the influence of the nation. This research, with the topic of “The First Lady and the Nation's image”, analyzes the press reports of South Korea and China on the new First Ladies of China and North Korea, Li Sol-ju and Peng Liyuan, to review the national images of the two nations. The research findings illustrate the national images of two countries: China has an image of a political power in developing process. Also, North Korea, although it is not a powerful country in international diplomacy, appears to play its important part in the international stage with an image of a conservative nation. Furthermore, with the appearance of the First Lady, China gained more recognition and attracted greater attention in the international community, and North Korea, on the other hand, also receives worldwide interests, but still has a mysterious and curious image. It was clear that both countries are willing to improve their national images at home and abroad by their First Ladies.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.