Development of Ceramics Creative Process with Community-based Learning and Constructionism for Undergraduate Students

  •  Saipen Cherdjerm    
  •  Nirat Soodsang    


The purposes of this research were 1) to develop a ceramics creative process with community-based learning (CBL) and constructionism for undergraduate students; 2) to evaluate students’ ceramic work with CBL and constructionism, and 3) to examine the community’s and students’ satisfactions towards CBL and constructionism. The research sample was selected by purposive sampling method to obtain 40 undergraduate students of Uttaradit Rajabhat University who enrolled in the Course: Local Ceramics, semester 1/2016, and 6 community instructors. Data analysis was presented by mean and standard deviation. The findings suggested that the ceramics creative process with CBL and constructionism for undergraduate students involved 5 steps, namely: 1) community survey/selection and exploring community data; 2) preparation; 3) hands-on practice to create ceramic works; 4) presentation of ceramic works; and 5) evaluation. The experimental result of the ceramics creative process with CBL and constructionism being constructed by the author revealed that the students’ knowledge and understanding of ceramics creative process displayed overall mean at a very high level ( = 3.70, S.D. = 0.26; = 3.72, S.D. = 0.16, respectively). The satisfaction towards CBL and constructionism were at a highest level in overall for the community and a high level in overall for students (= 4.67, S.D. = 0.27; = 3.85, S.D. = 0.34, respectively).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.