Straw Rope Furniture Design by Macramé Techniques for Housing Decorations

  •  Nirat Soodsang    


The purposes of this research were (1) to design at least 5 styles of straw rope furniture by macramé techniques for housing decorations; (2) to evaluate the straw rope furniture prototypes produced by macramé techniques based on the community products standard criteria. Development stages were employed as the research processes; which are development of furniture prototypes (State 1), experiment of innovation (Stage 2), and conclusion of experiments/ report writing (stage 3). The results offered the straw rope furniture prototypes based on macramé techniques for housing decorations on the following criteria. (1) General features should present fineness, beautiful style and shape, proper functional size without any damage (no distortion nor bending, no prominent seam nor burning mark on straw rope). (2) The straw ropes should be strong and durable and be uniformed size. (3) Weaving, intertwining, binding, and knotting should be formed in even spaces and patterns without any overhanging nor projecting rope ends. (4) Assembly should be neatly aligned between each seam without broken seams. (5) Other combined materials should be neat, tightly fastened, durable, and fit in harmony with function and work piece; additionally, metal materials should be stainless. (6) Varnishing should be smooth and even without any damage (no spot, no stain, no brittle, no fracture, no flake, nor peel) and not too thick Evaluation results of the furniture suggested excellent level in every aspect of these criteria.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.