On the Role of Proverbs in the Composition of Family Instruction --- Taking Double Morals Hall Instruction as an Example

  •  Qingxu Zhou    


Proverbs have been collectively created by folk people of the human society since ancient times. They are spread widely from mouth to mouth. As concisely and comparatively stereotyped artist statements, they have summed up the rich wisdom and universal experience of the masses, becoming the important carrier of the history of social attitudes. Family instructions are specially written for ancient Chinese families or the clan old people to educate the children. As documents written for a certain purpose, family instructions belong to the education within families. As a great feature of Chinese ideological and cultural treasure house, they have played an important role in popularizing Confucianism. To compose family education with proverbs can make it easy and popular thus making the Confucius education spread more broadly.

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