Indonesia Education Today: Dating Back Its History of Islam and Imparting European Education System

  •  Imron Harits    
  •  Stefan Chudy    
  •  Alena Juvova    
  •  Pavla Andrysova    


History of education in Indonesia dates back with its multicultural notion and acculturation since many years ago from Hindu Empire till the Islamic ruler. Later on in the colonial era, European education system gave much influence in Indonesia modern education. It was as if two sides of coin, the coming of European countries, such as Portugal and Dutch in Indonesia carried out lot of miseries on the other hands it also contributed to foster of modern education system in Indonesia. This paper is aimed to examine the influence of Islam and Europe influences to Indonesia Education. Modern Islamic Boarding Schools and Muhammadiyah (name of the biggest Modern Islamic Organization in Indonesia) Schools are the typical of the combination between European and Islamic education system synergy. The ethnography method with the participant –observation is used to get the dept observation and identification of the two different cultural contexts. Although, Many Modern Islamic Boarding Schools or Modern Pesantren and Muhammadiyah Schools have been risen up in Indonesia today, otherwise Pesantren with its traditional system are still existed in Indonesia.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.