Customer Satisfaction with Electronic Banking Services in the Saudi Banking Sector

  •  Hani AlHaliq    
  •  Ahmad AlMuhirat    


This research aims to examine the extent of customer satisfaction with electronic banking (e-banking) services in the Saudi banking sector and to address issues with quality of services by focusing on the following: (i) ease of use; (ii) information security and reliability and its role in influencing customer adoption of electronic services; (iii) the mechanisms of monitoring and control over these services. The research employed analytic and descriptive methodology, collecting primary data through a survey. It examined various aspects of electronic services provided by banks in Saudi Arabia to shed more light on these services and customer expectations, while also taking into account modern studies in this field as secondary data. The results show that Saudi banks have succeeded in attaining significant customer satisfaction by improving their electronic services, facilitating electronic transactions, improving processing performance and enhancing the specifications of electronic services. In addition, they have achieved effective communication with their customers as well as the speed of applications. However, there is an absence of awareness and guidance for customers about the e-banking system. The results of this research lead to some recommendations for improving the electronic services provided by banks in Saudi Arabia to enhance customer satisfaction.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.