Factors of Successful Women Leadership in Saudi Arabia

  •  Manal Kattan    
  •  Carmen De Pablos Heredero    
  •  Jose Luis Montes Botella    
  •  Vasilica Maria Margalina    


Saudi woman encounters many shapes of sexual segregation that stand as an obstacle against her option to occupy a frontline leadership position. There are misconceptions in our society that women are not even suitable for leadership. This paper aims to highlight the factors promoting success in leading organizations in general and the success of women in particular with highlighting the status of Saudi women in these factors. The main hypothesis is “the more the woman has factors of leadership, the more success she may achieve in leading organizations”. A model including the factors promoting successful Saudi Women Leaders is proposed and discussed to ensure accuracy of the above mentioned hypothesis. The findings expect bright future for Saudi women in light of keenness of King Abdullah to support woman to play her role in the society and preserve the rights to demonstrate her success in leadership.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.