Fashion Design from Woven Fabrics of Community Enterprise Group

  •  Nirat Soodsang    


The objectives of this study were to 1) design fashion and bags from woven fabrics of the community enterprise group in Pitsanulok province 2) compare the quality of products based on the criteria used to measure community products classified by features, genders, level of income and 3) present a prototype from local woven fabrics in Pitsanulok province. The research procedure includes the sample group which incorporates 67 consumers in their working ages. Accidental sampling design was implemented. The instruments were modified and validated by the standard of community products scp. 196/2003 entitled handmade products from fabrics quality assured in terms of the product neatness, benefits, materials, and manufacturing processes as well as marketing possibility and career advancement. The results were that the fashion design and bags from the local woven fabrics proposed as the prototype had their own valued adding and could be able to market. As regards the quality assurance, the satisfactory level was good. Also, when the satisfactory level of the consumers towards the products were compared regarding genders and level of income, there was no significant differences found.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.