Analysis of the State and Prospects of Innovative Development of the Russian Economy in Conditions of Its Modernization

  •  N. V. Kalenskaya    
  •  O. V. Pratchenko    


Today, the modernization of the production structure – with the outline of high-tech industries, spheres ofscience and education as key growth factors – is one of the main conditions of sustainable development of everycountry, as well as of growth of public prosperity. However, to reach economic stability requires thedevelopment of the system research and assessment of innovative economic development, as far as exactly theimperative to study the prospects of innovative development determines modernization of the economy as awhole.The article presents the analysis of the state of innovative development of the Russian economy and the analysisof key performance indicators of innovative development. It also considers the industrial and regional aspects,and highlights the basic trends of development and the problems of further development.

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