Demographic Projection of the Tatar Nation, Living in Russia, with the Use of the Component Method

  •  R. I. Gaisin    
  •  I. T. Gaisin    
  •  N. M. Biktimirov    
  •  E. I. Vlasova    
  •  S. I. Beketova    


This study is devoted to the topic generated features of modern economic development of market relations.On the Tatar population of Russia were still prepared a number of historical and demographic research, butfuture studies of demographic processes for the foreseeable future absent.This article was prepared by the demographic forecast of the Tatar nation living in Russia in 2025 by federaldistricts and regions of the country using the method of components.In formulating this prediction were applied several well-known methods of forecasting population. In the articleused census data and statistical compilations.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.