Common Sports Injuries among Physical Activities Practitioners at the Physical Fitness Centers in Jordan (Comparative Study)

  •  Majed Mujalli    
  •  Maen Zakarneh    
  •  Ala’a Kh. Aloyoun    


The aim of the study was to investigate the common sports injuries among physical activities practitioners at the physical fitness centers in Jordan. Study sample consisted of (272) volunteered male (n=221) and female (n=51) (age 30±3). Researchers used a special form used to evaluate athletic injuries. After collecting and analyzing the data. Results showed that the most common sports injuries among sample of the study was muscular tears 27.7%, muscle spasm 20.7%, and tears ligament 20.2%. And the most exposed parts of the body to injury is the lumbar area 26.8%, elbows 16.9%, followed by shoulders 8.9%. Also the study results revealed that the most cusses of injuries was over training 24.14%. Poor warm-up 22.1% and bad technic 11.3%. Bodies-building was the most type of activities subjects to injury with 18.8%. Physical Fitness 6.6% and weight loss 27.7. Results also showed that physical therapy was the most means of treating injuries 54.14%, drugs therapy 33.3% and surgical intervention 4.2%. Also the study shows that males are more exposed to injuries than females.

Conclusions: These finding indicate that sports injures is part of physical

Activities participations, preventive measures should be taken by participant's the researchers recommended the need for physical and medical checkup before participation in physical activity at the physical fitness centers.

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