Dilemmas Affecting the Integration of Service-Learning in Technical and Vocational Education in Nigeria

  •  Ahmad Aliyu Deba    
  •  Mohd Khata Jabor    
  •  Mohammad Sukri Saud    
  •  Yahya Buntat    


Technical and vocational education is a very important aspect of the Nigerian educational system that aims to develop occupational competences and skills to enable an individual for self-reliant and responsive citizenship. Undeniably, experiential learning strategies specifically, the Service-Learning was acknowledged as one of the strong strategies that can promote the acquisition of necessary skills in TVE. Consequently, there are impediments ranging from misconception couple with lack of clear focus that bound to affects the integration of Service-Learning in the Nigerian education context particularly in TVE. Therefore, this conceptual paper shed lights on these impediments under four major subheadings (definitions and models of Service-Learning, conceptual framework for service learning integration in TVE, theoretical framework underpinning service learning in TVE and uniqueness of Service-Learning strategy). In conclusion, the paper recommends for the integration of service learning in TVE based on further related empirical study aligned to Service-Learning framework outlined in the paper.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.