Singularities of Training Personnel in the Family Economics and Family Business at the Current Stage of Development of Market Relations

  •  Vladimir Vladimirovich Glukhov    
  •  Alexandr Vladimirovich Ponomarev    


Transition of Russia to the development of market relations turned out to be an incentive motive for developing the basic concepts of the family economics and family business, a discovery of the opportunity for many Russian citizens to be engaged in entrepreneurship, which has formerly been inaccessible for them. The modern changes taking place in Russia and abroad raise new requirements for training the youths, for conscious active participation in various spheres of the socio-economic life of the society, in development of family businesses, and improvement of their efficiency. It should be noted that the problems of professional training of young people at higher education institutions as members of households in participation in the family business, formation of qualities of a future entrepreneur, and the entrepreneurial activity in the family business are actively considered and implemented in developed countries, while Russia does not virtually take part in this process. The main cause of failure in the family business is lack of competence, skills, and leadership qualities, as well as a set of competences needed for a successful business.

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