Mechanism of Rural Entrepreneurship Development on the Base of Micro-business

  •  Tatiana Zabaznova    
  •  Svetlana Karpushova    
  •  Elena Patsyuk    
  •  Olga A. Surkova    
  •  Galina Khmeleva    


The author analyzes the essence of rural business development strategy, is a model of strategic management ofagricultural entrepreneurship, and defines the basic components of the major actions to ensure theimplementation of strategies for the development of agricultural entrepreneurship, aimed at selection of optimaldirections and priorities of development of the territory. The author develops and justifies the mechanism ofdevelopment of agricultural entrepreneurship, based on micro-businesses; it allocates system mechanisms for theimplementation of strategies, and analyzes its key components. The author is an agricultural business model ofmotivation and mechanism of changes in strategy. The author defines the space program-target method in themechanism of external control of strategic management of agribusiness takes application. The author defines thesystem of normative legal acts that have a logical connection and subordination and regulating the use of specificmethods and tools of government regulation necessary for the successful combination of marked intra andexternal strategic activities for the development of agricultural entrepreneurship.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.