Store Image and Its Effect on Customer Perception of Retail Stores

  •  Zohre Hosseini    
  •  Sreenivasan Jayashree    
  •  Chinnasamy Malarvizhi    


This paper investigates the various aspects of store image, which affect the impression and preferences ofshoppers. It argues that the levels of customer preferences determine the influence of the setting of the store onits image. Studying customer perceptions on store image further enhances the knowledge of marketers;marketers can use this knowledge in acquiring more loyal customers and meeting their requirements in terms ofstore image. This study identifies the factors that are deemed to be the most important by customers and providesmarketers with awareness regarding the psychological elements of customers that influence their perception ofstore image. A survey was conducted on customers in shopping malls to identify the effects of the principalfactors of store image on customer perception. This study used path analysis as the principal analytical tool forconducting causal evaluations and investigated the significant effects of store image attributes (i.e., storeatmosphere, music, merchandise quality, service, price, and convenience) on customer perceptions. Resultsindicated that the perceptions of customers integrate all of the cues and messages they have received andexperienced in the store, in addition to their own perceptions of the importance of store image dimensions.This study investigates the effect of the significant factors of store image on customer perception in theMalaysian context.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.