Problems and Issues in Corporate Restructuring in the State-Owned Construction Sector in Vietnam: The Case of VINACONEX

  •  Nguyen Ngoc Thang    


The study of corporate restructuring in state-owned enterprises has been a hot topic in the academic world. However, little study has been done in investigating the corporate restructuring in state-owned enterprises in Vietnam. This study is devoted to exploring the problems and issues of corporate restructuring in a specific construction company in Vietnam. This study aims to investigate what problems and issues arise in the corporate restructuring of a construction company. A typical five-level Likert item questionnaire was designed for the data collection. Data from 398 respondents show that the company’s restructuring decision was determined by the company’s internal and external factors. VINACONEX needs to pay more attention to management training for managers and to carrying out technological innovation. From the findings, we propose some solutions to deal with problems arising from the restructuring of VINACONEX. The results of the study provide more evidence for the theories about corporate restructuring and contribute to the growing knowledge in strategic management by using a specific Vietnamese case. In this study, we also draw some limitations and recommendations for future research.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.