Contemporary Issues in Takaful (Islamic Insurance)

  •  Syed Ahmed Salman    


Takaful business is a kind of insurance activity within the framework of Shari’ah. To be Shari’ah compliant Takaful operator, it needs to consider not only on the conventional aspect like conventional insurance, but also must take into account the Shari’ah requirement. Some of the Shari’ah requirement is avoiding interest, uncertainty, gambling and prohibited elements. Thus, the operating activities of Takaful operators are not straight forward and simple, compared to the conventional counterpart. Thus, the objectives of this paper are to highlight the current issues in Takaful industry and to provide the recommendation for future research. The contemporary issues in Takaful are due to the combined nature of profit-motivation and religious motive. The issues highlighted in this paper will be the interest of all the related parties, especially to the regulators for the development of future rules and regulation.

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