Model Confirmation through Qualitative Research: Social Support System toward Entrepreneurial Desire

  •  M Amsal Sahban    
  •  Dileep Kumar M    
  •  Subramaniam Sri Ramalu    


Entrepreneurial world is trying their best level to attract university graduates across the world. Indonesian culture is still very colonial view that the status of employment is more respectable than being an entrepreneur. In addition, people often perceive that a university degree is much better and more important than a person's ability or skill. In fact, the skill is very much needed to support a person's life economically, instead of looking for a university degree first then searching the skill or capability. This is one of the fact encountered that most of them who have a university degree but unemployed. In Indonesia, the number of scholars unemployed is getting higher statistically because most of them only rely on job vacancies, instead of becoming job creators. There is no motivation from various environments like family, friend, educational institution, etc. to build student’s mentally strong with business awareness to deal with entrepreneurial issues. Yet, when someone interested in pioneering new business, they are desperately in need of an endorsement. Entrepreneurial support usually comes from a family, partner, peers and educational institutions where they can discuss the idea of becoming an entrepreneur and entrepreneurial issues further seeking best of suggestions. A study of qualitative was conducted among Indonesian universities and their social environment that identify the factors influencing social support among business graduate students to become an entrepreneur. The study follows focused group discussion, interviews, case analysis and Delphi technique to arrive at appropriate variables on social support factors among business graduates. The study observed 2 dimensions of social support that eventually suit the attitude of business graduates to become an entrepreneur. These elements were recognized by the group of professionals from various fields. This study provides an insight into the variables of social support among business graduates to become an entrepreneur in Indonesia. It is expected that the graduates later become the inspiration for others who are capable of creating jobs and giving a contribution to improve economic development in Indonesia. A business awareness and social supports are very much needed among university graduates by changing their  mindset in dealing with entrepreneurship.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.