Research on Gift Alienability from Anthropology Perspective

  •  Yan Liu    
  •  Yanbin Qin    


Economics is usually elaborate economic phenomena from an objective point of view. While Anthropologist is more related with the social and culture field, to describe the sequential change of the particular economic action and bring it to a particular social structure.
As a social behavior, the characteristics of economic activity have notable humanism particularity. The economic study includes not only the data collection or logic calculation, though the universal law exists for the base of academic conjecture. The economic phenomenon also receives influence from integrated factors, full of uncertainty as other human activity. Only if we take the social and cultural background and personal experience into our consideration, the conventional and exceptional economic phenomenon might be more recognizable.
The mutual influence between culture and economy will be examined. Culture has its significant impact on economic activity, and in certain condition, culture or immaterial ideology would become commodity itself. It is inaccessible to interpret these phenomenon by stereotype the classical economic rule mechanically. Besides the traditional practical value, emotional value should also be taken into account. The explanation of economic phenomena would be more thoroughly with the Anthropology perspective involved.

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