The “Gown” Collar Style of Hunni Burial Puppet in Tang Dynasty

  •  Fang Wan    


The “Hunni burial puppet” in this paper means the funerary object in the Tang Dynasty grave which has “the deep eye and high nose”. Because the looking usually appear in male puppet, and the fashion in this article is also restricted in the male clothing. This article compared the burial puppet and the mural image in Yellow River area with the Central Asia region, then do Comparative analysis of the “gown” collar style of West Hunni burial puppet in Tang Dynasty. There are two “gown” collar style in Hunni burial puppet in Tang Dynasty: Triangle single turndown collar which Stems from “Yan Da” of Central Asia and Double turndown collar which is popular in Central Asia from 4th century A.D. to 7th century A.D.. Compared to the triangle single turndown collar, the double turndown collar grown is more popular in Yellow River area. The circle collar style may be another kind of turndown closed collar.

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