Standardization of the Sites of Tourist Destinations in Ukraine as a Means of Implementation of the Internet Technologies on the Local Territorial Level of the Tourist Area

  •  Zhurayeva Alizhonivna    


In this article the single approach to standardization of the sites of the touristic destinations in Ukraine was offered as a means of implementation of the Internet-technologies on the local territorial level of the touristic area.

It was proved that the rapid development of the innovation technologies led to the necessity to bring the touristic sites in compliance with the world standards (requirements). It should be implemented on the level of standardization of structure of the touristic sites. Such situation will lead to increase of the competitive ability of the touristic branch of Ukraine on the international market and distribution of the information about Ukraine in the global scales.

The author forms the single approach to application of the certain group of technologies on the level of all destinations, which form the spatial framework of the innovative system of the touristic site in Ukraine.

The implementation of the offered standardized structure allows touristic destination of Ukraine providing touristic product with assistance of the innovative technologies and enhances its competitive ability in the area of tourism. The integration to the systems of reservation of the basic services and social networks Facebook, and Twitter will promote to enhancement of the quantity of the foreign tourists in Ukraine.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.