Globalization, Modernization, Mastery of Reproduction of Space, Spatial Articulation and Social Change in Developmental Dynamics in Suburb Area of Makassar City (A Study Concerning on Urban Spatial Sociology)

  •  Batara Surya    


The study is undertaken in suburb area of Makassar City by analyzing process of globalization, modernization, mastery of reproduction of space, spatial articulation and social change in developmental dynamics in suburb area of Makassar City by applying quantitative and qualitative approaches (mixed method). Data is acquired from some sources and community informants living in suburb area of Makassar City. Mastery of reproduction of space dominated by capitalism urges social formation change when at the beginning, it was single and then it turns to multiple social formation. When new social formation is taken place, it indicates different procedures of capitalism and pre-capitalism social formation in mastery of reproduction of space which are coexisted and affected community exclusion. This condition indicates that spatial articulation in suburb area of Makassar City does not run optimally. Social change tendency taken place in this community moves toward structural form, and rationalization of action moves toward cultural form.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.