Affecting Customer Behavior through ‘Made in Germany’ within the Healthcare Sector

  •  Daniel Feyerlein    
  •  Ahsan Habib    


German corporations working in the international business within the healthcare sector face a lot of challenges throughout the globalization and the rising battle for customers. Having the right argumentation for the own products in hands mostly leads for differentiation compared to competitor’s products. The classification of ‘Made in Germany’ is well known in the world markets and customers authenticate the quality level with its origin. As healthcare products affect directly the patient treatment, customers within the healthcare sector require the latest product technologies paired with highest quality standards.

This article deals with the research question, if the classification of ‘Made in Germany’ is able to positively affect customer’s behavior for any buying decision. The results throughout this research represent great approaches about customer’s willingness to investment for latest standards in quality and technology, the importance of ‘Made in Germany’, as well as the acceptance of price for products that belong to that classification. Summarizing the results throughout this research, ‘Made in Germany’ influence positively customer’s behavior and is able to gain corporation’s competitiveness level. An early adaptation to corporation’s strategy is beneficial and recommended.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.