The Role and Features of Analytical Journalism in Kazakh society in the Era of Social Media

  •  Kaken Kamzin    
  •  Madiyar Saudbayev    


In this essay, the authors discuss truth as the key quality of journalism and argue that analytical journalism is the way to reach the truth. They separate analytical journalism from news making and reporting, and argues that these require different types of expertise. They discusses several issues that should be addressed in order to improve the area of analytical journalism in Kazakhstan, which include improving the general professional level of journalistic education and the necessity for deeper knowledge in other areas, such as the economy, politics, and literature in order to be able to examine events fully. The analytical journalist, in the opinion of authors, should not only have good knowledge of the field and be able to analyze events professionally, but also be able independently and candidly to process the information.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.