McKinsey 7S Model for Supply Chain Management of Local SMEs Construction Business in Upper Northeast Region of Thailand

  •  Thanaphan Naipinit    
  •  Somkier Kojchavivong    
  •  Vorawit Kowittayakorn    
  •  Thongphon Promsaka Na Sakolnakorn    


The purpose of this study is to study the successful business strategies and the guidelines for the management strategies of supply chain management of local small and medium enterprises (SME) construction shops. We use the McKinsey 7S model for the conception of this study by providing 400 questionnaires to participants and we also used focus groups for the management guideline. From the study we found that of the seven strategies (7S) in the model (structure, strategy, systems, styles, skill, staff, and shared values), most entrepreneurs scored highly in strategy; however, most entrepreneurs scored low in several areas: working with software applications, lack of outside training, and most entrepreneurs maintain command as the owner and do not give authority to others. In addition, the Thai government should create a policy by collaborating with Lao PDR to reduce some barriers of international trade to help SME construction shops in Thailand.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.