Relationship between Workforce Agility and Organizational Intelligence (Case Study: The Companies of "Iran High Council of Informatics")

  •  Ruhollah Sohrabi    
  •  Mahdi Asari    
  •  Mohammad Javad Hozoori    


The aim of this study is to explore the relationship between "workforce agility" and "organizational intelligence" (considering the components of both concepts and contextual variables, too).The population included the managers and employees working at the grade one companies of "Iran High Council of Informatics".Results showed a significant positive correlation between workforce agility and organizational intelligence. All components of organizational intelligence (except strategic vision), had a positive significant relationship with workforce agility. The relationship between the individual components of workforce agility (except interpersonal adaptability) and organizational intelligence is positive and significant. Variables of Age, work experience, and organizational position, had a positive significant relationship with the agility of the workforce, while about sex and educational level, no significant relationship was found.It is recommended simple and operational translation of mission statement and strategies for employees, establishing of feedback system, enhancing of employees work-life quality and participation, facilitating learning, managerial skills training, putting employees in decision-making situation, taking advantage of the cultural diversity, be considered. Moreover employment of professionals (regardless of gender, or merely emphasis on educational degree) must be considered.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.