Promoting Citizenship Right through Street Law Projects

  •  Soraya Rostami    
  •  Hedayatollah Shenasaei    
  •  Faramarz Shirvani    


Citizens in any community who live in a particular area have (political, social and economic) rights in common that are determined by the way they play their parts in contribution to urban affairs. Citizen rights can be defined as a set of rights and responsibilities of the community versus their government. How these rights are exercised is determined by the international law. In this respect, the need is felt for the promotion and spreading of the citizenship culture, social capital and fulfillment of the advanced, progressive and well-developed community. The applied law education plan entitled ‘Street Law’ is an initiative within the framework of the program by collegiate law education Cliniques aiming at teaching law to the underprivileged and those who are ignorant of their rights and spreading law consciousness among the citizens. These rights are in direct association with the people’s rights in social, cultural and political terms and are written and taught in simple language. Education department can play a vital role in this process, and the training can be delivered directly at schools or universities or in an informal manner they can be given to the community through the mass media (radio, television, newspapers and promotional movies).

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