Khaen: The Musical Forms in Ceremony

  •  Prakrit Yaowapan    


The objectives of this study were to study and compare the musical forms of Khaen (bamboo free-reed mouthorgan) played in The Lao People's Democratic Republic and Thailand. The comparison of musical forms of Khaen in the rites between Nang Thiam (the representative spirit) ceremony in Laos and Lam Song (the representative spirit) ceremony in Thailand were the same sound modes: Lai Thang Sun (medium tone to high tone: delighted rhythm) and Lai Thang Yao (medium tone to low tone: sad rhythm). There was a similarity in blowing, tonguing, and fingering; for instance, used wind from blowing, tongue, and fingers to shift volume, accelerate rhythm, and chorus.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.