Socioeconomic Impacts of Myanmar’s Malay Muslim Immigrant in Malaysia

  •  Amran Awang    
  •  Ahmad Ismail    
  •  Zulkafli Mansor    


The study examines the socioeconomic impact of Myanmar’s Malay Muslim immigrant (MMMI) in Langkawi on the issues of socioeconomic and environmental perspectives. The study investigates the extent of impact due to the presence of immigrants in wage competitiveness in the local jobs, distraction of small sea fishing activities and the impact of the environment of the immigrant’s dwelling area. The study establishes indicator on the national’s economic vision towards innovation and automation of the construction and plantation industry advances. The aim of the research is to study what is the perception of the community towards the existence of the MMMI. The study uses multiple regression analysis to support the proposed hypothesis. The findings ascertained to some extent regarding issues in wage competitiveness. The immigrants were found to contribute to environmental nuisance to the surrounding area. Consequently, the analysis justified respondents had showed agreement on the issue that the immigrants are threatening local community’s well beings.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.