Permatang Pauh by Elections: Analysis Approach Framing Content in the Prime Media Selected

  •  Mohd Hilmi Hamzah    
  •  Nur Qurratul Aini Ismail    
  •  Kamarudin Ngah    
  •  Jamaludin Mustaffa    
  •  Mohd Fitri Abdul Rahman    
  •  Zaherawati Zakaria    


The concept of media framing in conceptual approach adopted is how a selected issue and ultimately determine what facts should be taken. Formation of news framing is important because it became the starting point on the agenda of the media so that the audience will be wondered how any news is treated to give effect to them. Studies conducted on election Permatang Pauh parliamentary see framing approach to selected newspapers in display issues election. The use of framing approach in reviewing the issues important election for framing approach is able to explain how sub-sub categories news way before the formation of framing a major issue categories. Results showed that framing pattern used in the study election issues could explain how a set of key issues based on the sun-sub categories.

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