Influence of Culture in Handling Conflict Situation-With Special Reference to Indian Sub Cultural Diversity

  •  Prabu B Christopher    
  •  BhanuSree D Reddy    


Personality is said to be the product of genes and environmental factors. Amid several environmental factors, culture seems to play an imperative role in shaping ones behavior. Studying the influence of culture on organizational behavior from heterogeneity perspective has become a predominant factor among the eminent researchers and academicians. Since it has been frequently stated that Indian studies are seems to be contradictory and inconsistent in its cultural study, this paper tries to address the difference between South Indian managers and other than south Indian Managers on their value systems and their Conflict management Style. T test and one way Anova are the statistical tests used to infer the collected data. Result shows that there is no major significant differences with respective to individual values exist between the south Indian and other than south Indian Managers except with the value system of Conformity at 1 per cent level of significance, where south Indian manager are seems to be somewhat traditional when compare to managers hail from other than south India and more over they are seems to be having withdrawal style of conflict management. There is no significant difference seems to exist among these managers with respect to other conflict management styles. Influence of years of stay away from birth place has also been analyzed where it shows external exposure has its influence on individual value.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.