About a Role and Value of Nonverbal Communication in Psycholinguistics

  •  Ilhan Yildirim    
  •  Zeine Orazbekova    
  •  Yener Unal    


Since the late 1970s, the problems of psycholinguistics were influenced by the state of affairs in linguistics and related sciences. This is primarily a complex of sciences about the nature and dynamics of cognitive processes. For most American and English-speaking psycholinguists N. Chomsky’s theory of generative grammar as a reference to the language science is the most influential. They try to verify the extent of psychological hypotheses based on Chomsky's theory corresponding to the observed behavior. From this perspective, some authors consider the child's speech, the other-the role of language in social interactions, and others-the relationship of language and cognitive processes. The aim of our study is to determine and describe the characteristic and distinguishing features of non-verbal communication of Turkic culture and compare the data and if possible give them an interpretation.

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