Integrating Sociological Concepts into the Study of Accounting: Yielding the Benefits of Team Teaching

  •  Gordon Boyce    
  •  Susan Greer    
  •  Bill Blair    
  •  Cindy Davids    


In response to recent criticisms of business and accounting education, a team of educators introduced a new course in social and critical perspectives on accounting. The course sought to integrate sociological concepts into the study of accounting, with key themes of social construction and social power forming a core of the course. The express intention was to raise student awareness of the nature and functions of accounting in contemporary society. The core teaching strategy involved team teaching, which was used to enhance learning and develop higher order generic skills. Feedback from two diverse cohorts of students vindicated the approach undertaken and reinforced the importance of linking teaching and research in accounting programs. Change in accounting education can be directed towards regaining and rebuilding social relevance for a discipline too often associated with a narrow economic imperative rather than the broader public interest.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.