Jadids Movement in Central Asia in the Late 19th and the Early 20th Centuries

  •  Kanat Bazarbayev    
  •  Adilbekova Zabirash Ashimkhanovna    


The article deals with the history of national-progressive movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries which is called “Jadidism”. The history of Jadidism and its evolution from enlightenment to powerful political movement are retraced in the article.
Jadidism is considered as the phenomenal public occurence in the history. It arouse in the depth of the Central Asian society on the basis of a harmonious combination of a rich spiritual heritage and as realization of its place in realities of that time and the necessity of its reforming for successful prosperity in the future.
Now, there appears the possibility of restoring the historical truth in the conditions of profound changes in the historical science. The need for resolute revision of former aims about role and place in historical process of national-progressive movement has ripened as the unique social and political phenomenon in the early 20th century. This phenomenon promoted a national consciousness growth and is of the essence in formation and development of national-liberation ideology, in struggle for independence.

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