The Current Investigation and Analysis for the Level of the Primary Schools’ Football Coach in Qingdao

  •  Yi Jia    


As the leader of the football reform and the famous city in China, it’s certain that Qingdao’s development of the football in primary school has reprehensive. The primary school is the foundation of the basic level school and it also becomes the fertile ground which General Administration of Sport puts great effort to develop football in the school. However, the football coaches of the primary school are the executors and play a very important role in the whole system of the football events. So this thesis has invested and analyzed the current situation of the level of the primary school football coaches in Qingdao by means of questionnaires, interview and other methods. Through these ways we can find some problems that exist in the coaches. And we can put forward the appropriate measures to improve the comprehensive qualities of the football coaches in primary school and enhance the primary school in Qingdao developing smoothly.

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