Archeological Evidences: Embroidered Textiles of the Han and Tang Dynasties (206BC-907AD) Unearthed along the Silk Road

  •  Yanghua Kuang    


This paper firstly reviews embroidered textiles of the Han and Tang dynasties (206BC-907AD) unearthed along the Silk Road in northwestern China. Then it makes a discussion on the motif, category and technique of embroidered textiles on the basis of archeological evidences. Finally it gives these opinions: the motif shows a comprehensive influence of Central China, local places and the West; the embroidery executed on woolen fabrics found in Xinjiang province shows a local feature; and the transaction from chain stitch to satin stitch may occur during the Northern Dynasties to the early Tang dynasty.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.