Emergency Materials Supply Chain Coordination by the Joint Mechanism between Government and Enterprises

  •  Bin Ding    
  •  Yufeng Huang    


This paper researches into the sales of co-reserve emergency supplies by government and enterprises united, in which the government ( by commission, holding a company) ordered emergency supplies from the Suppliers and updates the selling dynamically within the validity period of the quality of the materials. It also analyzes that the demand change caused by the change of the sensitivity coefficient of the price-demand function under unexpected emergencies may lead to the failure of the coordination of the original supplier-government-retailer three-tier supply chain and the paper also gives the optimal strategy for the supply chain to respond to the emergencies, and puts forward the corresponding quality discounts and revenue sharing contract. Finally, the equation used in this paper shows that this mode of cooperation can not only reduce the government budget, but also has the anti-emergencies ability.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.