Information Propagation and the Forces of Social Media in Malaysia

  •  Fauziah Ahmad    
  •  Chang Peng Kee    
  •  Normah Mustaffa    
  •  Faridah Ibrahim    
  •  Wan Amizah Wan Mahmud    
  •  Dafrizal Dafrizal    


New media or social media in the globalised world progress along with new technology, facilitating the acquirement of new and prompt information. Technological advances provide more control over the media and the means to acquire information from the media. Both social and global media play a crucial role in times of conflict and crisis to construct reality to form public opinion. News in mass media is constructed because there is demand for current and accurate information and the mass media does not stand in a vacuum. Indeed, the media stands in the midst of social reality full of enthusiasm, self-interest, conflict and multi-faceted facts. Audience now received information from channels that are reachable and they are comfortable with and this is in line with the new media. Media has been regarded as a part of a nation’s strength that works through ideology that raises the audience’s conscience on a group of powerful individuals. It is a powerful tool to create space to represent ideologies, to dissemination information and to spread discourses among the locals. Thus, this conceptual paper will show the forces of social media that is able to raise the audience’s conscience on their rights to gain knowledge and information and, subsequently, to create space to represent ideologies, to disseminate information and to spread discourses amongst them.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.