Green Advertising and Environmentally Responsible Consumer Behavior: The Level of Awareness and Perception of Malaysian Youth

  •  Mohd Helmi Abd Rahim    
  •  Ros Zayanah Johari Ahmad Zukni    
  •  Fauziah Ahmad    
  •  Novel Lyndon    


The study determines to find the level of awareness and perception on green living amongst Malaysian youth through the use of advertising. The main objective is to explore awareness and perception of Malaysian youth towards green advertising promoted by the government. A survey was conducted to gather responses from online respondents using the social media website. Three hundred and twenty respondents have responded to the six month survey time, to a 20 questions questionnaire. The result indicates that, generally, the Malaysian youth have some awareness on what the term ‘green living’ denotes. However, those who practice green living are lower. They have been exposed to green advertising, but not all practice green living due to the lack of comprehensive understanding of the concept. The Malaysian youth exhibit positive perception towards green advertising. The finding concludes that there is a need for current and upcoming green advertising, especially ones that are done by the government to improve on their message delivery, creativity and information for the youth to respond in practice.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.