From Access to Gratification: Towards an Inclusive Digital Society

  •  Ali Salman    
  •  Samsudin A. Rahim    


The aim of this paper is to trace the use of Internet between natives and migrants and examine how the difference in age affects the gratifications derive from the usage leading to digital inclusion. The issue of broadband access to achieve digital inclusion has gained momentum over the years. In Malaysia, access which is the first level of exposure to Information Communication Technology (ICT) has been largely achieved. Recent research has attempted to expand the conception of the divide to move beyond access to consider issues of proficiency and gratification. This study uses a survey research to obtain data. Some 600 respondents, who are divided into natives and migrants were sampled for the study. The literacy/knowledge and skills for internet applications for both the natives and migrants respondents is above average. Information and socialisation gratifications are the main gratifications derived from using the Internet for both the natives and migrants.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.